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Any City Councilmember or the City Manager may appeal a subordinate decision to the City Council for review on the basis that the determination affects, impacts, or deals with matters of general policy in the City, or may have a significant environmental, economic, or physical impact on a City facility or service. The general procedures of this article shall apply, insofar as practical. However, there shall be no fee for such an appeal.

Any approved project which required certification of an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) by the Planning Commission shall be referred to the City Council for review at its next regular meeting. The City Council may elect to take no action, making the decision of the Planning Commission final, or, upon the request of any Councilmember, set the matter for hearing as an appeal, which shall be heard and determined in the same manner as other appeals taken pursuant to this article. (Ord. 3586 § 4, 2018)