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A.All legal nonconforming uses and nonconforming structures that have been destroyed by fire or other calamity or by the public enemy to any extent may be reconstructed, restored, or rebuilt to their predamaged size and location; provided, that they are not extended beyond the original footprint and restoration is started within 18 months and diligently pursued to completion. Any such reconstruction, restoration, or rebuilding shall conform to adopted Uniform Codes in effect at that time unless otherwise excused from compliance as a historical structure. The Public Works Director will review reconstruction plans for conformity, and if there is any significant deviation noted, plans will be referred to the Architectural Review Committee for review. (Ord. 3472 § 1, 2012)

B.Whenever a structure that does not comply with the standards for front yards, side yards, rear yards, height of structures, distances between structures, driveways, courts, or usable open space prescribed in the regulations for the district in which it is located, or the use of which does not conform with the regulations for the zone in which it is located, is voluntarily razed, or is required by law to be razed, the structure shall not be restored and the nonconforming use shall not be resumed. (Ord. 3424 § 1, 2009)