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The City Manager or designee may authorize a temporary pay adjustment for an employee given a specific assignment clearly beyond the scope of the regular job description. A request for such an assignment must be made to the City Manager, in writing, from the department head. The request for special assignment shall describe the assignment, justify why it is to be performed by the designated employee, give a specific duration for completion of the assignment and recommend the amount of compensation to be received over regular pay. Special assignment pay cannot be less than two (2) percent nor more than five (5) percent above the employee’s normal pay range. Procedures for application of special assignment pay shall be the same as those for working out of classification pay. The special assignment differential shall be discontinued on the date originally identified for completion of the assignment, unless an extension of specific duration is approved by the City Manager or designee. Upon completion of the assignment, the employee’s supervisor shall prepare a written evaluation of how the assignment was performed, review it with the employee and cause it to be placed in the employee’s personnel file.