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a.The Human Resources Director (Ord 3385; 02/07) shall act promptly on any question raised by a candidate alleging an error in scoring or in the content of the questions. Should the Human Resources Director (Ord 3385; 02/07) determine that any such claim is justified, the scores applying to that test shall be recomputed and candidates notified if affected by the recomputation. Regardless of the results of the recomputation, the candidate alleging an error will be notified of the Human Resources Director (Ord 3385; 02/07)’s determination.

b.No phase of the examination process shall be administered during this period of review.

c.No appeal regarding any phase of an examination may be made after five (5) days from the date the results of that phase are mailed or otherwise directly provided to candidates.

d.All examination materials shall remain confidential, and no copying of questions or answers from any paper made available for inspection shall be permitted. Any candidate violating this provision is subject to disqualification from the examination and prohibition from participation in future examinations. In the case of promotional examinations, the employee will be subject to disciplinary action for violation of this provision. Such decisions shall reside with the Human Resources Director (Ord 3385; 02/07) or designated representative; decisions regarding disciplinary action shall be processed in accordance with Rule 14 of these Rules.