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a.The Human Resources Director (Ord 3385; 02/07) shall adopt selection techniques which are impartial and related to the primary tasks of the job classification. The examination for a given classification of employment may include, but not be limited to, any of the following.

1.An evaluation of each candidate’s application in terms of applicable training and experience; or

2.A written test measuring the candidate’s aptitude and/or job knowledge; or

3.A performance test whereby candidates demonstrate the degree of job knowledge and ability possessed; or

4.A physical fitness test whereby candidates demonstrate their physical capacity to perform tasks directly related to the job; or

5.A personal interview designed to evaluate the candidate’s personal characteristics, background and job knowledge; or

6.Such other selection techniques which, in the judgment of the Human Resources Director (Ord 3385; 02/07), are necessary to evaluate the candidate’s capacity to perform the job tasks.

b.All components of an examination which require evaluative judgments regarding technical subjects shall be administered using at least one rater who is a competent authority in the area being tested.