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Military leave shall be granted in accordance with the provisions of the State Military and Veterans Code. An employee requesting leave for this purpose shall provide the department head with a copy of the military orders specifying the dates, site and purpose of the activity or mission as soon as possible and prior to the actual taking of leave, when possible. Within the limits of such orders, the department head may determine when the leave is to be taken and may modify the employee’s work schedule to accommodate the request for leave.

a.Any eligible City employee who is a military reservist (or member of the National Guard) who is on an active duty short-term military leave (six months or less) or active duty long term military leave (over six months), shall receive supplemental salary for 180 calendar days within a continuous 24 month period. Supplemental salary shall be in addition to the first 30 calendar days of full City salary which is already provided once per fiscal year for each short-term military leave and long term military leave as required by State law. The City Manager may authorize additional supplemental salary from 181 days up to a maximum of 330 days within a continuous 24-month period if needed. Any supplemental salary beyond 330 days will require additional Council approval. Such supplemental salary shall be determined by subtracting the employee’s full military wages from the employee’s normal base City salary as further detailed below, in a similar pay period. Housing stipends provided by the military shall not be considered as military wages if the employee is required to maintain a second residence necessitated by the call to active duty.

An eligible employee, for purposes of receiving supplemental pay under this policy, shall be defined as an executive manager, regular full time or regular part-time City employee who completed one year of satisfactory service for the City prior to being called to active duty.

Base City salary, for purposes of this policy, shall be defined as base wages plus any of the following pay that the employee was receiving from the City at the time the employee was called to active duty:

-Education Incentive Pay

-Continuing Education Incentive Pay

-Premium Pay for the Position of Assistant Engineering Surveyor

-Premium Pay for the position of Associate Engineering Surveyor

-Management Incentive Pay

-Longevity Pay

-Special Assignment Differential Pay (as described in the Monterey Police Association Memorandum Of Understanding, Section 12)

-Bi-Lingual Pay

-Deferred compensation matching funds

In order for an employee to collect under this supplemental salary, the employee must submit paystubs from the military as proof of compensation as soon as possible, but in no event later than 45 days after activation. Employees may submit written estimates of military pay, as generated by the military initially, but the City must receive proof of pay within 45 days of activation, or the City will cease payment until receipt of such proof. (Ord. 3329, 2003; Ord. 3408, 2008)