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Any denial of a license by the Chief of Police may be appealed by the applicant for said license pursuant to this section, The granting of any license by the Chief of Police may be appealed by any resident of the City of Monterey or any person holding a valid, subsisting business license issued by the City of Monterey.

A person wishing to appeal the decision of the Chief of Police shall file a notice in writing with the Clerk of the City of Monterey within ten (10) days after the Chief of Police has notified the Collector of his decision. The Clerk shall set the matter for hearing before the Council of the City of Monterey not less than ten (10) nor more than thirty-five (35) days after receiving notice of appeal.

The notice of appeal shall contain the name and address of the party appealing, and the grounds of appeal, The Clerk shall send notice of the date of appeal to the party appealing not less than five (5) days prior to the time set for hearing, by placing said notice in the United States Mail, properly addressed, postage prepaid.

At the time set for appeal, the Council shall take evidence for and against said appeal and may uphold, reverse or modify the determination of the Chief of Police, The Council may continue said hearing from time to time, providing, however, they shall make final determination within forty-five (45) days with the express consent of the party appealing. The decision of the City Council shall be final.