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Every person managing, maintaining or conducting the business of a pawnbroker, in the City shall keep at the place of business, a permanent record of each transaction which shall reflect the date of every purchase, sale, exchange, pledge, pawn or other transfer of possession of any article or loan thereon, a description of such article received or delivered in such transaction sufficient to identify the same, including all particular or prominent marks of identification that may be found on such property, the signature, residence of the person from whom received, the amount of money paid or received in such transaction, the rate of interest, if any, any the date of the transaction. All entries shall be made in ink and in the English language.

All pawn tickets shall be made out in triplicate on a form approved as to content and the size by the Chief of Police. All pawn tickets issued in the City shall be of uniform size.

On every business day, every person licensed pursuant to this ordinance shall deliver to the Chief of Police of his duly authorized agent, a record describing the goods, articles or things pledged, pawned, bought or received during the preceding day and the signature of the person pledging, pawning, selling or giving the same.

All records required by this Section shall be retained at the licensee’s place of business for at least twenty-four (24) months succeeding the transaction to which they pertain.

The Chief of Police or his authorized representative, shall have the right to inspect any records upon request.