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a. Dogs Permitted On-Leash.Except as provided herein, dogs are permitted in City parks during the hours that such parks are open to the public. Except with respect to any dog used by a law enforcement agency or any dog at a City dog park(s), dogs must at all times be on a leash, no longer than six feet (6'), which must be held by a person capable of restraining the dog at all times. Pursuant to Section 6-16.6, any excrement deposited by the animal must be promptly removed.

b. Exceptions.Except with respect to dogs used by law enforcement agencies or as otherwise provided by law, it shall be unlawful for any person to allow, cause, or permit any dog (i) onto City park playground structures or basketball, volleyball, tennis, or other sport courts, or (ii) to enter or remain in the following areas:

1.El Estero Park picnic area;

2.Skate Park;

3.Dennis the Menace Playground;

4.Whispering Pines Park;

5.Larkin Park;

6.Jacks Ballpark;

7. Frank E.Sollecito, Jr. Ballpark;

8. Peter J.Ferrante Ballpark;

9.Spray Avenue Tot Lot;

10.Any area of a park with artificial turf; and

11.Any City park at which a City-approved and permitted special event is taking place. (Ord. 3591 § 2, 2019)