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a.It shall be unlawful to spearfish within the park.

b.Recreational fishing by hook and line is permitted subject to California Department of Fish and Game rules and regulations.

c.Commercial fishing by net is permitted in the area as long as kelp beds are not disturbed.

d.Kelp harvesting is allowed by persons acquiring a permit from the City and who possess a valid kelp harvesting permit from the California Department of Fish and Game. Kelp permit regulations will be established by Resolution, and the City Council may, by Resolution, restrict or prohibit the harvesting of kelp within all or portions of the park to facilitate scientific studies, to protect against overharvesting of kelp, or to otherwise protect this natural resource. It shall be unlawful to harvest kelp in violation of this section or any Resolution establishing a zone of prohibition.

e.Collection or harvesting of marine life within the park is permitted only with written permission from the City based on a recommendation from an oversight committee of the City which shall be established by Resolution and which will consist of members from the scientific community, the conservation community, the California Department of fish and Game, the diving community, the business community, the commercial fishing industry, the kelp harvesting industry, and a City representative, whom shall be appointed by the City.