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a.A Disaster Council is hereby established and shall be chaired by the City Manager as the Director of Emergency Services (DES).

b.The City Manager shall appoint additional Disaster Council members as he/she deems appropriate to achieve the Disaster Council’s mission. Disaster Council membership shall generally be senior City executives or managers who have concurrent Emergency Operations Center staff responsibilities, or senior representatives from allied external emergency management organizations.

c. Mission and Responsibilities. The Disaster Council shall have administrative authority over all emergency preparedness and emergency management activities within the City of Monterey to ensure conformance with all Federal, State, County, and City regulations, policies, and procedures relative to emergency planning, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery as follows:

1.Establish standards for a comprehensive all-risk Emergency Operations Plan;

2.Establish standards for any City regulations, rules, policies, procedures, and operational guidelines related to emergency preparedness and management;

3.Establish standards for any emergency preparedness or emergency management-related plans or agreements;

4.Establish operational, maintenance, and training standards for the City Emergency Operations Center; and

5.Review and approve all emergency preparedness and emergency management-related plans and agreements, including any subsequent revisions.

d. Meetings. The Disaster Council shall meet at least annually and any other times as the Chairperson shall establish. (Ord. 3457 § 1, 2010)