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There is hereby established a Visitor Accommodation Zone. No hotel, motel, bed and breakfast, or other overnight accommodation facilities, as more precisely defined in Appendix A shall be permitted except in said zone. Ancillary facilities such as conference and meeting rooms and recreational facilities for guests may be constructed on property adjacent to said VAF zone if the Zoning Ordinance permits said uses.

Appendix A entitled “Visitor Accommodation Facility (VAF) Zone” sets forth the development standards, uses and procedures for said zone and is hereby made a part of this Charter.

Appendix B, consisting of the following seven (7) zoning maps, designates those parcels which are zoned VAF: 1. Cannery Row; 2. Downtown; 3. Munras Avenue Area; 4. Aguajito Area; 5. Fremont; 6. Del Monte Avenue; 7. Highway 68. Appendix B is hereby made a part of this Charter. Said maps shall be as amended through November 4, 1986.

Visitor Accommodation Facilities shall not be developed on any parcel except those zoned VAF by Appendix B including parcels subsequently annexed to the City.

The Zoning Ordinance is hereby amended to delete Visitor Accommodation Facilities as a principal or conditional use on all other parcels.

The development standards and related matters may be amended, or additional parcels zoned VAF only by amendment of Appendices A and B of this Charter.”